Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What’s been happening.

Well not last weekend but the weekend before I went racing the first round of the rally sprint series, I made Kelly feel sick and managed to put my car off the road in the run off for the top 4. wicked... But there was no damage just needed to be pulled back on the road.

But what was funny was that ed missed his run too because he was borrowing my belts each run cause his had expired.

Last weekend had breakfast with one of Kelly friends and then went to the park with the rest of the crew, just mucked around played some cricket and the all time favorite…“Face ball the other person while they aren’t looking”. It was a good day.

Other points to note:
ANZAC day tomorrow. Went to the zoo, went to the Easter show, did the vertical bungee, went to a Megan Foriers wedding, went mountain biking (I spudded in). i brought my ticket to go see Block Party. My mortgage is costing me lot of money…. So is my

Rock on


At 1:11 PM , Anonymous Ed said...

Sorry about the face ball.

At 5:10 PM , Blogger Iva said...



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