Friday, March 30, 2007

Rally car fun.....

I got my car back last Tuesday it looked great, not a dent in it and all painted. So I took last Friday just to put it back together and do a few minor things to get a warrant.

On Monday mum took it to the mechanics to get a warrant. It failed because it is to loud and I need a front sway bar bush, that is cool but when mum was driving it home the mechanics forgot to put the bonnet pins in… so the bonnet came up smashed the windscreen, got the roof, bent the bonnet and gave mum a hell of a fright. But the damage done isn’t to bad, so I now have a new bonnet coming and need to get the windscreen cut out…. Fun fun fun

On Sunday dad went down to Taupo with the three wheeling orange machine for a track day. He had a great day, apart form the last session, when it would seem the oil filter fell off and he lost the engine…. So that is also currently being rebuilt.


At 8:40 PM , Blogger his and hers said...

Im suprised it could get enough speed to lift the bonnet, must have had a strong head-on wind.

You coming over these ways or what.


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